How to Map Words to Slot Values

To begin mapping words to Slot values, you must select the desired slot from the Select Slot menu. To do this, click the desired slot name in the field. The selected word/phrase now appears as a colored underline in the Slot Value field. Once you’ve added a word/phrase, you can edit or delete it by selecting it from the Slots tab. Read on to learn how to map words to Slot values. After mapping a word/phrase to a Slot value, you can then edit it, delete it, or remove it altogether.

The word slot is derived from a French word slat, which means hollow, and a noun, from which it derives its meaning. In 1888, it was used to refer to a slot for dropping a coin. The second sense, “to take a position in an aperture,” came along in the 1940s. The third meaning, “to fit something into a slot,” is from 1966. The oldest sense of slot is obsolete, although it may have originated during the medieval period. Slots are found at airports. A bloodhound can follow a slot if it is occupied by a deer.

Another term for a slot is expansion slot. You can use an ISA slot to add an expansion card or a PCI slot to your computer. Memory slots are also referred to as slots. A motherboard’s definition will show you all of the available slots and their uses. It’s also possible to customize your slots by adding a prompt. All of the values you add to a Slot should be in the extended ISO-8601 format.