How to Succeed in the Casino Business

In order to attract players, casinos typically don’t have any clocks. While this is a safety concern, casinos often use brightly colored wall coverings and floor coverings to create a cheery atmosphere and keep players alert. Many first-time visitors are surprised to find that the casino’s management will offer free drinks. However, players should avoid becoming too intoxicated while gambling because their judgment is impaired when they are under the influence of alcohol.


In order to succeed in this industry, a casino must know the house edge and variance of its games. These two figures determine how much a casino can profit from a particular game. They also have to know the cash reserves that are necessary for the business. Gaming mathematicians and computer programmers are responsible for this work. Because casinos aren’t typically experts in this area, they outsource the work to outside experts. The result is that a successful casino should have a high return on investment.

In 2008, 24% of Americans had visited a casino, compared to just 11% in 1989. In 1989, only 18% of adults had a college degree, but only 13% of people had completed a degree. By contrast, the highest educated Americans visited a casino in 2008. Besides their high-stakes gambling, these individuals also receive generous comps and personal attention. In addition to this, these people have higher incomes and higher education levels than the national average, so they can afford the lavish services that a casino offers.