How to Write a Poker Book

Poker is a card game involving betting, in which players try to win the pot by making the best possible hand. It is played with five cards per player, and the standard poker deck contains 52 cards.

Most forms of Poker require a compulsory bet at the start of each hand, known as an ante or a blind. The ante is typically equal to the minimum bet for the game, and the blind is usually twice as large. Players may also choose to build up a fund for the game, called a kitty. This is usually made up of one low-denomination chip for each raised bet, and any chips left over when the game ends are distributed equally among those players still in the pot.

Players can increase the strength of their hands by bluffing. This involves acting as if your hand is better than it really is, in the hope that other players will fold and leave you to take the pot. There are several ways to achieve this, including displaying confidence, acting smug, and using gestures to give away information.

To write a good poker book, you need to have a strong knowledge of the game and all its variations. You should also be able to tell an interesting story and have a keen understanding of the audience you are targeting. To get started, decide on your focus and keep a file of poker hands that are relevant to your subject matter. You should also be able to create tension by describing high-pressure situations, such as a player having to make a big decision with only a few remaining chips in their stack.