The Basics of Poker


Poker is a game of chance played with five cards. The goal is to have the best hand, and to win the pot by betting until all of the other players fold. There are different rules for each type of poker game.

Most games use a standard 52-card deck, but some games may use multiple decks. Some are even played with Wild Cards.

When a hand is tied, the player with the highest card breaks the tie. If a high hand is a pair of kings, that does not break the tie, but if the other player has the same hand, the tie is broken by a higher card.

All hands have a rank. For example, a straight flush is a hand made up of five cards in the same suit. This type of hand is sometimes used as the last showdown.

A straight is the best natural hand. You can have a straight flush with an ace that is high or low, but you cannot have a king or deuce that is high. In the case of a royal flush, the ace is high and the other cards are all low.

After the cards are dealt, the dealer then deals one card to each player. Each player can then discard up to three cards. The player who is left with the highest card by suit will be the winner.

If there are more than one player left in the pot, the remaining players are divided equally. However, if all players Check, the action will move straight to the next round.

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