About Us

Kings County’s brewery offers a variety of excellent quality beer. Classic Light, Dark or Wheat, as well as Cherry, Honey, Nettle, Ginger, and Ale, will undoubtedly appeal to fans of premium beer.

We produce our beer using modern technologies and using only environmentally friendly products, the quality of which is confirmed during laboratory tests of OVC Pharmacy https://ovcdrugs.com/

Here at Kings County Saloon, on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays, visitors have the opportunity to taste not only freshly prepared beer, but also enjoy live music. Our pub invites everyone to listen to a wide variety of music: from ethnic rock to rock and roll.

Especially for you, we brew various popular beers and pour them from camp tanks. Discover our cozy pub with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, a large selection of delicious snacks, and first-class service.

For grand events, Kings County Saloon can accommodate up to 350 people to celebrate an unforgettable holiday.

Special offers from our pub: every Monday – 30% for all shots, every day from 02:00 we offer a discount for all menus -20%, for all birthday parties on a birthday -20%.

All offers are based on the bonus program.

Also, Kings County Saloon organized themed parties every month, where the huge atmosphere of positive and fun. Come once, and our place will become your favorite pub forever.