How to Market Casinos to Groups

In Casino, the clatter of chips, the swishing of the cards, the clink of champagne glasses, and the humming of the slots all create an intoxicating buzz. The energy is palpable, and even the most jaded can feel it.

But there’s more to casinos than the games, and a big part of your casino marketing strategy must be focused on events and group business. Casinos are often perfect locations for weddings, conferences, corporate retreats and family reunions. Using your marketing channels to promote these unique offerings is vitally important to your casino’s success, both now and in the future.

Another way that casinos market themselves is by focusing on the “high rollers.” These are the gamblers who spend tens of thousands of dollars a hand on blackjack tables and roulette wheels. They’re a big part of the casino’s revenue, and they also get comps worth a fortune (free rooms, food, drinks, etc.). Despite the fact that many of these high-stakes gamblers are crooks, it’s easy for security personnel to spot them. This is because the routines of casino gambling—how the chips are shuffled and dealt, where they’re placed on the table, and what kind of behavior is expected at each stage—are very predictable.

While Goodfellas is a more iconic Mafia film, Casino is better made and more interesting. It’s filled with bravura set pieces and brilliant acting, but it’s Sharon Stone who makes this movie. She’s a natural as the gambling babe Ginger, who exults in her ability to seduce men and wreak havoc on their lives.